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The Last Few Months...

These last few months have been FULL. The last time I really did an update was at the end of January. So, I guess what I mean by “the last few months” I really mean the last TEN months. As most of you, I have set out with good intentions to be on top of our social media and announcements, but then life happens, the list gets longer, and then you’re ten months overdue for a new post. Busyness is definitely my least favorite excuse, but it is what I am pleading now, shear busyness. I apologize, but I also vow write new blogs and Instagram posts way more frequently.

To begin this update, Summer 2018 happened, and it was SO good. Our theme was “Undaunted Courage. A summer of hope. A summer of Possibility.” Let me tell you, God showed UP! He is always faithful to show up but this year He felt so close. He was present in our staff, He was faithful in our programs, and He was so much bigger to me than ever before. At the end of the summer we had our staff banquet and the 3 things I shared with them as my closing thoughts were these:

  1. This was the most resilient staff we have ever had. It makes me real teary eyed to think about how this staff was exactly what our campers needed, and I couldn’t have planned it better.

  2. There was a strong moral compass in each staff member that gave myself and the other leadership staff a sense of peace.

  3. I left the summer with my hands full of hope and possibility. Through our staff Bible studies and in our times with the campers, God filled me (and I know others) up with so much hope and possibility for what this next year will be.

As we have transitioned out of summer and into the conference season we have had a handful of summer staff stick around and join our intern program, Redwood Sojourn. Over the past couple years, we have had people come and be long term volunteers. It has been a goal of mine to establish an actual intern program with college aged students who are just trying to figure out what to do with their lives. And so, Redwood Sojourn was born. Sojourn means a temporary stay and each of these interns are sojourners, people who will stay, but only temporarily. It is a discipleship & internship program focusing in the areas of discipleship, hospitality, and acts of service. We have a total of seven interns who are all working, living, and growing during their sojourn at camp.

THE TURF FIELD IS DONE! This is probably the biggest update. Construction began in April of this year, ran through summer, and concluded with the dedication at family camp at the end of August. This turf field has already been such a huge blessing to the groups we have had in. It has been so fun to walk around camp and have multiple groups playing on such a safe field. This field isn’t just a field, it is a reminder that our community has invested so much into this place. It is remarkable having something so nice that draws a community in. I can’t wait for summer 2019 to roll around, our campers and staff are going to have a literal field day.

I have been going through the book of Judges recently and it is so frustrating. God delivers Israel, Israel turns their back and rebels. A judge comes in, brings peace, judge dies, and Israel rebels again. This happens for YEARS. A judge comes in, brings peace, judge dies, and Israel rebels again. As this is happening, I am getting frustrated, I am seeing that God keeps sending them peace and they keep living in their sin. It is annoying. But then I step back, and I notice that God keeps showing up. He knows we will all fail but He still is good and present.

With all that has been happening and all that will happen, I am counting our joys. The field, these interns, and summer planning, are all great reminders of how the Lord is kind and He shows up for His people. Despite the cycle of rebellion, you may be finding yourself in, God intervenes in His timing and He will rescue you. Just remember that truth; He always shows up, even when He feels far, He will show up.

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