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Coastal Redwoods known as Sequoia Sempervirens dot the landscape at Redwood Glen. These massive trees live for thousands of years and stretch hundreds of feet into the sky, yet their roots only dig 6-12 feet into the ground. Even with their massive size and shallow roots, these trees rarely fall because, rather than digging deep, these trees dig into a community that supports and protects them. Like the Sequoias we walk under at Redwood Glen, the Sequoia Leadership Academy is a program that challenges young people to grow together as they reach toward a God who loves them deeper than they will ever know. 


At Redwood Glen, we want people to seek, experience and fully know Jesus. We believe that He is the hope of the world. We understand that for many, the basic human needs of food, shelter, and a sense of belonging must be met to embrace this hope. By living in an intentional community that fosters perseverance, honesty, and strong character, we can create a safe space where change is possible and hope in Jesus can be found. We value the discovery found in play, adventure, and an affinity for nature, all as a means to know the God of creation.

The Sequoia Leadership Academy is a program designed for 14 and 15-year-olds who desire to live a deeper faith in Jesus and grow in leadership. Participants will experience life at camp with campers and staff, go on a week-long backpacking trip, learn more about what it means to be a follower of Jesus, and make lasting relationships with like-minded individuals. The program is designed for a maximum of twelve (6 male/6 female) participants.


While many of the camp staff have an influence and impact on Sequoia participants, a male and female Team Leader will primarily care for and disciple the team. These leaders are mature believers invested in and dedicated to journeying with the teens in their care. They will help coordinate individual responsibilities, lead the team in Bible studies and group discussions, and walk alongside each participant as they grow in their knowledge of what it means to follow Jesus with their whole selves.

The Sequoia Leadership Academy is more than just a summer program though. While we launch with a 5-week summer experience, participants will continue their journey with monthly coursework that focuses on leadership development. They will be given leadership roles at their local Corps, attend special sessions at the Divisional Youth Retreat, and find support from committed mentors and leaders. 

2024 Dates:

June 12th to July 14th


  • June 12th to 15th: Orientation (dates may shift)

  • June 17th to 22nd: Expedition (multi-day backpacking trip)

  • June 24th to July 6th: Camp Experience (job shadowing, mentor meetings, and daily devotions)

  • July 8th to 13th: Sr Music Camp

  • July 14th: Closing banquet

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