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When you book with us, you are helping to ensure more kids who don't normally get to experience a summer of camp, can!

Redwood Glen Camp & Conference Center is owned and operated by The Salvation Army in the Golden State Division and operates under Christian principles. Redwood Glen is located in the beautiful redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Founded in 1945, Camp Redwood Glen shares in the long history of Salvation Army camping, providing a safe environment for campers to escape from everyday pressures and stress to have fun, learn new skills, and deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ. Each guest that books a retreat at Redwood Glen, is making it possible for more at-risk, low-income youth to experience camp at Redwood Glen. 

rainbow over camp
turf field
sunset from the fireroad
mowing the lawn

Each group who attends as a guest joins the great cloud of witnesses who make it possible to send youth to summer camp!

Redwood Sojourners on retreat in Malibu


Oakwood Lodges at dusk


Students sketching for Hands on Nature Class


Campers laughing during discovery camp

Summer Camp

Campers learning archery


Messy twister with Summer Staff

Summer Staff

Big Basin bible study by the creek


SURF team expedition
Vertical playpen briefing


COVID- 19 Update

August 2021 will be the first month of welcoming guest groups back. 

We are working closely with the county to ensure we open safely and have implemented COVID protocols that will keep guests and staff healthy during their events.

In addition to our COVID protocols, we have an increased cleaning/disinfecting plan in place to maintain a clean and healthy space.

Excited to welcome our groups back and if you have any questions or want to book your next event, please contact Michaela Baumgartner, Guest Services Manager.