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I hate Goodbyes

10 years ago, my little sister told me about a camp in the Santa Cruz mountains that was hiring, and we thought that may be a fun way to spend our summer. We drove in on a random day early in the afternoon, camp was quiet, and I remember thinking, “I’m going to be here while.” I was hired on for summer 2012 & knew very clearly that after that summer I needed to work here full time but didn’t know how (but the Lord knew).

Come to find out a spot opened up for a full-time role and after boldly declaring to Ed that I was his next program director, I waited for him to hire me. Long story short: he did. Never in my life had I been so bold, but I just knew in my heart this was it.

Flash forward to now and here I am 10 years later getting ready to say goodbye.

20,800 hours worked

6,000 campers served

560 staff hired

16 tattoos

11 birthdays celebrated

10 summers

1 marriage

2 babies

0 mountain Lion sightings

Things I know today that I didn’t know when I was a young pup starting at camp:

1. I can do hard things

2. I am a good creation

3. I don’t know everything (thank the Lord)

4. Open hands are the best posture for learning & growing

This isn’t goodbye but it is a see you all later. I’m going to miss camp (the place) but I’m also going to miss camp (the people). I carry it all in my heart. Love you all.

And to all my summer staffers and campers who may be reading this, make good choices.

Namaste, Amber

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