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  • Ben Ward

Summertime Be-A-Comin'

Though it is only February, we are in the full swing of preparing, planning, and hiring for summer camp. Amber and I have spent almost two whole weeks on the road visiting colleges, corps, and camps meeting potential staff members, doing interviews, checking references, and passing out lots and lots of recruiting materials, while shouting: "WORK AT CAMP, WOORKKKK ATTTT CAMMMPPPP!!". Just kidding, we're not really the shouting types, but we are excited about the upcoming summer season, and for all the amazing things that God will be doing in the lives of staff and campers. Every year we hire between 70-80 summer staff members, and so far we've received just over 40 applications from people around the country, and even some from the UK, an excellent start--but still a ways to go! This season I've been struck by the wisdom and insight of some of the applicants during interviews, even as I am often at least ten years their senior. Christ's wisdom can flow through any of us, regardless of age or circumstance, and it's exciting to anticipate how summer staff will impact the lives of children and adults alike. This is our passion and purpose: to provide a space where all who come to camp encounter the power and presence of the Holy Spirit; rich in love and grace and compassion. Each summer we choose a theme to guide and direct devotions, campfire, games, cabin time, and activities. Having a theme offers staff and campers a framework to think about their relationship with themselves, with others, and with God. This year our theme is: Beyond The Stars: Exploring the outer reaches of our Faith. We'll explore what it means to push into the unknown, to find our role in the universe, to question if God is there even if we can't see him, and to keep our eyes ever upward on things of heaven. We hope that you will partner with us in praying for our summer programming, and that God will bring the right staff to camp, as well as making sure that every child who crosses our threshold will have an encounter with the living, breathing God.

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