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Jared Greenwood: Long Term Volunteer

We want to thank Jared Greenwood for his hard work and effort over the last three months as our Long-term Volunteer. Jared hails from Grass Valley, CA, but spent much of his life growing up in the far reaches of Northern California in the small town of Beckwourth. Jared first came to camp in the summer of 2011, and has since worked on summer staff every year since. While at camp this year, Jared realized that he wanted to be able to stick around once summer programs were over. He and Amber (program director) discussed how to combine Jared's interests along with projects that needed to get done at camp. "I just really believe in, and love camp", says Jared, "and I wanted to contribute some of my skills to camp beyond just summer time." Along with developing a summer theme, Jared completed several program related building projects which included: rebuilding the archery range, updating and installing new interpretive signs along the prayer walk, a beautiful new cabinet for the program office, as well as building an archway for the entrance at Ohlone Village. While Jared initially thought of himself as a camp programmer, he realized during his time here that he is..."much more inclined to swing a hammer then push a pencil, " and that he "loves working outside with his hands." Jared is now off to pursue a tattoo apprenticeship in Reno, NV. Thanks again Jared for all your wonderful work!

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