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Whale,whale,whale, welcome back to another edition of Camp’s blog! I hope you find yourself walking down memory lane with each entry and getting stoked for the next time you find yourself at Camp. The past couple weeks since returning from the holidays & the conference in Colorado (see previous post from Ed), the word transform has been playing like a broken record in my head. The conference had a theme of "if." In a nutshell, stopping the "if only" statements and start asking "what if" questions. At the beginning of the conference I went to an all day seminar that spoke on transformational ministry. Little did I know, that word,“TRANSFORM” would be the theme for me, not only for that week but also for weeks to come. Every seminar I went to had a foundation on the idea that as individuals we all must be in a constant state of transformation or at least be willing to evolve with the passing of time. One seminar for just us ladies, wubba wubba girl power, shared the verse "Do not conform to the patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind in Christ Jesus." Simplify that verse and you get, "do not conform, be transformed." This isn’t a new verse for me, I grew up hearing it and memorizing it so I’d win some sweet prize during Sunday school. But on that day, in that moment, I had new ears & it made sense, both in the context of Camp & my own personal life. Transformation is a moving form, it is irreversible, and it can be either slow or quick. I think that’s what is so cool about humans; we are all different and are constantly changing. We grow into our good habits and hopefully shed the not so great habits we’ve picked up along the way. Our church lives don’t all look the same, our social lives are different, our relationships, our families, our music, our clothes; our lives are different, thank God, but we are unified under the ever so colorful transformational umbrella I like to call Camp Redwood Glen. So my blog loving friends, I hope you stick to your resolutions, continue to be refined; keep changing, keep learning, it’s morphing time!

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