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  • Ben Ward

Mountain Air, Rain, and The Future

It's finally happened. It finally rained more than just a dribble, a drizzle, a tease of moisture hanging in the air. No this time, tremendous rain fell and pooled in the shallow places, permeated every branch and autumnal leaf, soaked the paws of Sadie the Camp Dog, and forced Mop the Camp Cat under the eaves and jives the frogs to jumpin! The air all around has that excitement-smell to it. You know the one: it's the scent of life regenerated and ionized-buzzing with molecular freshness, so familiar and yet impossible to relate the zing which is zipping through the air! Energy, childhood memories, the sound of plants sucking up moisture, wet firewood, cute & curious California Quail (Callipepla californica) musing about are ubiquitous post rain scenery. Almost winter sun backlights fog as it cloaks Coastal Redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) in compelling depth and misty whiteness. Piercing the white, is a Red-tailed hawk chirp (Buteo jamaicensis), or the shrill of a Northern Flicker (Colaptes auratus)-a shy member of the woodpecker family. On these days, the beauty of this place flows into our beings like a strong, river current-displacing cares of the world & filling every pore with a deposition of goodness beyond words. Along with a fresh rain, comes yet another season of planning summer camp. We are already preparing for recruiting summer staff, orientation, the summer theme, and creating a space where change is possible for campers and staff alike. The Future, like the rain, holds promise of growth, regeneration, and purpose. Seven months will pass quickly and soon children large and small will replace the winter rain and pour through the gates into waiting, open arms. Here they will get to experience God's love, beauty, three squares a day, and hopefully the joy which surpasses understanding! We're excited to walk this journey with our guests, supporters, and friends! Stay tuned as we embark on yet another journey into the new year!

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