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9-month discipleship program focused in the areas of discipleship, hospitality, and acts of service. Gain work experience, attend bible studies, church, serve the Santa Cruz community, and live at camp.

Following Jesus is a journey. He invites you out of your home, points to a new location, and asks you to go there. Just go and be all there. Stay there, but only for a moment, this isn’t your forever.  


In those moments of tough & sweet instruction you have an opportunity to respond. You have a chance to say “Yes, Lord, I will go.” A sojourner is someone who travels to a new place and lives there, fully immersed, but only temporarily. With that journey, there is a call to action. This journey will require you to explore new depths in your own spiritual life and be willing to move forward in faith. By moving forward, you are embracing a covenant relationship with a God who delights in sending His people out to share His story, His love.  


 By entering this walk of faith, you have aligned yourself with the mission and vision of the Redwood Sojourn: 


Living in temporary community, working at camp, fully immersed in the camp community, and growing into the relationship that God is inviting you into. You will take time to step out of the normal hustle and bustle to live somewhere new, and to discover the freedom, hope, joy, and peace that comes through knowing Jesus. You will be entering the Camp Redwood Glen leadership pipeline and it is our hope you will discover a clearer path for what your future may be. 

The internship for 2020-2021 has been Postponed until further notice.
these are uncertain times but when we are able to restart the program we will announce it on our Instagram but in the meantime, if you have any questions please email Ed

2019-2020 internship rewind video

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