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Parent Resources

Join us for a Family Camp Experience this summer! Contact your local Salvation Army Corps to learn more!

Parents: Check out some resources and activities for you and your kids!

We are so sad we aren't spending our summer with you in person. As a way to try and stay connected, here are some resources we picked for both you and your camper to go through. There are articles, activities, reading lists to check out, and lots more. As we find things that we find helpful, we will be uploading them here!


We know your campers have been on their screens A LOT with schooling, so don't forget; go outside and play! Lizards still want to get caught, hikes want to be hiked, birds want to be watched, and Jesus still wants to meet with you in all the wild spaces of your community.


Let us know how we can be praying for you or supporting you. Just click the button to connect with us!

grace & peace, CRG crew



This week on CAMPFIRE LIVE! we spoke about REDUCE, REUSE, & RECYCLE. Click on the "top 10 ways" button to learn more about how you can reduce, reuse, and recycle! and be sure to check out the video for how to make 3 bird-feeders! Be sure to take pictures as you explore and if you decide to share them on social media, tag camp @tsaredwoodglen and use the hashtag #creationcaremoment.

See you next week for another campfire!

How to be a peacemaker

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Click on the links below for resources on how to talk to your kids about race

 or to read books "that demonstrate an appreciation of African American culture and universal human values"

See you For summer 2021!

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Out of an abundance of caution and love for the kids, staff, and our beautiful camp we have made the decision to cancel our 2020 summer camp program.

We know good things are on the horizon and we look to that with great peace and hope.

Can't wait to see you all for Summer 2021!


How to send your child to camp

All of our campers come through Salvation Army Corps (churches). Once you find the closest Salvation Army Corps, sign up your child or children through them. If you don't know what Corps to connect with please click on the button below and we will connect you with who you need to. See you for Summer!

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