Summer 2021 is coming!

We were unable to run summer 2020 due to COVID-19 but we are planning for the 2021 season and would love to talk to you about joining our team!


Why work at camp?

It is a unique and constantly evolving environment where lives are impacted and changed. It is a place where youth can come and inhabit a space where Christ's Love is freely given and expressed in the day to day activities of camp. Every summer, we strive to create a space where change is possible, and we want staff to share in this exciting vision. We also want staff to be excited about sharing from their own life experiences and passions from a perspective of spiritual unity-that being one of Christ's offer to redeem each one of us through the power of his perfect sacrifice and resurrection. Brought together by this collective purpose, summer staff have the opportunity to share with youth their individual journey and story in a loving, caring, creative way. 

ACCORDING TO A STUDY DONE IN 2018 on our camper feedback and demographic, Camp Redwood Glen campers were 40% Hispanic, 21% white, 23% mixed race, 8% Asian, and 8% other. Our campers come from a variety of faith, financial, and cultural backgrounds. Campers should feel seen and understood while staff communicate with them, adding to our efforts to create a safe space where campers feel welcomed and valued as individuals. With the care and consideration for what our overall mission is, creating a space where change is possible, and hope in Jesus can be found.

How to Apply

Step one.
Read through the job descriptions below and find one that fits your talents. 
You can click on each job title to apply for that position. You will apply through "ULTI PRO" as the first portion of your application. 
Step Two.
All applicants must fill out an Ulti Pro  online application (step one).
Once that portion is received you will receive part 2 of the application which will be emailed to you via Hello Sign. 
Step Three.
Be sure to fill out the Hello Sign Application in a timely manner and thoroughly. We will email all of your references and contact you for an interview once step one and two are complete!
Please let Amber know if you have any questions!


Click on the Job Title And Complete Part one of the application process!

Unit Leader: (21 years & Older, Program Staff) 

A Unit is made up of 5 Cabin Leaders, a Unit Apprentice, and 60 campers. You are responsible for ensuring that each person’s spiritual, physical, emotional, and social needs are being met within your unit. 


Cabin Leader: (18 years & Older) 

Cabin Leaders live in the cabins with the campers for a week of summer camp fun! Alongside your campers, each week you are responsible for joining in on camp wide activities & ensuring that each campers’ needs are being met. 

Unit Apprentice: (17 years & Older) 

As a Unit Apprentice, you are responsible for supporting the Unit Leader and Cabin Leaders in your unit. You are responsible for supporting whoever you are paired with for the week to ensure that each camper’s needs are being met.

Outdoor Adventure Camp Director-OAC:(21 years & Older) 

As the Director of the teen backpacking program, OAC, you are responsible for leading multi-day backpacking trips, leading daily devotions, and using each teachable moment to point campers to the God of it all. 

Outdoor Adventure Camp Assistant Director-OAC:(21 years & Older) 

The Assistant Director is the OAC Directors “right hand”. You are responsible for supporting the Director in the planning of multi-day backpacking trips, daily devotions, and using each teachable moment to point campers to the God of it all. 

Outdoor Adventure Camp Logistician-OAC:(21 years & Older) 

As the Logistician, you are both the head cook and gear manager for the Outdoor Adventure Camp. Creating menus, cooking both on & off the trail, leading daily devotions, prepping/inventorying all backpacking gear for the campers, and managing an outdoor kitchen are all a part of the job responsibilities. 

Outdoor Adventure Camp Cabin Leader-OAC: (19 years & Older) 

You are responsible for a cabin of teenagers for a week of backpacking, team building, ropes course adventuring, daily devotions on the trail, and small group living. 

Assistant Program Director: (21 years & Older, Program Staff) 

Plan and implement ongoing skits used for nightly campfires, develop devotions to share with campers and staff, use the summer theme as a foundation for all summer planning which will help to encourage & develop the spiritual lives of campers, staff and self, and to assist the Program Director in the day to day life of camp. 

Program Team: (18 years & Older, Program Staff) 

Rotate through various program areas and run activities throughout the day. You will be trained in each area during orientation; archery, pellet gun, slingshot, farm/garden, canteen, and chapel. In each area, you will be expected to be knowledgeable and demonstrate proficiency in each of these areas. In addition, you will also be expected to plan and implement an elective class, help with summer camp office duties, lead flagpoles & campfires, and support Assistant Program Directors and Unit Leaders. All duties for the program team extend into each area of camp and the program team should anticipate the needs of those around them and able to help the programs run smoothly.

Media Lead: (21 years & Old, Program Staff) 

Using media to communicate with staff and campers, you will be responsible for the planning, creative development, and execution of weekly rewind videos, chapel services, campfire devotions, and overall stewardship of staff and campers.

Camp Nurse (21 years & Older, Program Staff) 

A current Registered Nurse Certification is required for this position and will be responsible for implementing and ensuring all health & safety of Camp Redwood Glen runs smoothly and in accordance to Camp protocol. 

Health Care associate-mental health & wellness: (21 years & Older, Program Staff

With current CPR/First Aid Certification, assist the Health Care Manager/Nurse with the day to day wellness of campers & staff. 

Lifeguard: (17 years & Older, Program Staff) 

Currently certified lifeguards will watch over the pool during Free Time, morning polar bear swims, and will communicate & enforce guidelines to maintain an acceptable, enjoyable, and safe pool. 

Waterfront Director: (21 years & Older, Program Staff) 

The Waterfront Director oversees the daily supervision of the lifeguard team and swimmers, maintains a high level of physical fitness, and is the lead lifeguard for the day to day happenings at the pool. 

S.U.R.F. Team Leader: (21 years & Older, Program Staff) 

Discipling 14 & 15-year-old males and females in their faith journey’s while using the areas of work experience, Bible Studies, and regular camp life to guide their experiences. 


Dining Room Supervisor:(21 years & Older, Program Staff

Ensure that the Dining Hall is clean, the Wait Staff are completing daily tasks, and all campers & staff are taken care of during the meals and snack times.

Wait Staff: (16 years & Older) 

The Wait Staff serves food during each meal time to all campers & staff. 

4th Cook: (18 years & Older) 

The objective of the 4th Cook is to assist the Chef with the daily preparation of healthy and nutritious meals. 

prep Cook: (16 years & Older) 

The objective of the Cook is to assist with the daily preparation of healthy and nutritious meals, snacks, and to oversee the salad bar area. 

Dish room crew: (16 years & Older) 

The Dishwashing Crew washes all dishes used by the kitchen staff, campers, & staff members during the meal times. 

child care lead: (16 years & Older) 

The Child Care Lead is to care for and to provide leadership for the children under your supervision in the summer months.

Maintenance Crew: (16 years & Older) 

The Maintenance Crew is responsible for the overall cleanliness and maintenance of each area of Camp Redwood Glen.

Maintenance Crew Chief: (21 years & Older, Program Staff) 

The objective of the Maintenance Crew Chief is to manage a group of six maintenance crew members to ensure the daily operational duties of keeping camp clean and running efficiently are completed.