The Company I Keep

There is a man I know who wants to do good but is held captive by his story. He has been shaking up the way I view my world even though he is deep in his addiction. He is frustrating and hilarious. He sees who I am without me having to say it. He gives gifts that are thoughtful and kind. He loves his family when they do not deserve it. He talks to strangers/everybody. He sees the outliers. He cries when he feels his feelings. He has characteristics of Jesus but he doesn't know Him. He is the company I keep. There is a girl I know who wants to make a difference. She has a heart that is pursuing Jesus. She prays with conviction and shares even when it’s hard. She hangs with other Christian'


I am really good at scaring people, especially my roommate and my younger sister. Sometimes it is as simple as yelling boo at just the right moment or sneezing too loudly. But me? I am not someone who is easily shaken. I try really hard not to have any reaction when people do “scary” things. Actually, I try to do things scared, it’s sort of my life phrase. I like to overcome, so I try not to be a scared person. But the other night I was scared and I acted scared which isn’t normal for me so in turn I felt more scared. It was dark and I was in my car, engine running. I was about to reverse out of my parking spot when I saw a man coming from behind my car, he approached my window, and he ga

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