I am a creature of habit, I love traditions and repetition. I blame my family and upbringing mostly. I never moved as a child, not even houses, I never changed schools, in fact I wore the same outfit to school for twelve years (well i mean not the exact same outfit, I grew like most children, but khaki pants and a polo as a uniform, not a whole lot of variety there). However, of all the routines and constants in my childhood, holiday traditions are probably the reason I truly became addicted to sameness. I lie somewhere around number 14 or 15 in the list of my grandma’s 32 grandchildren (not including great grandkids), and because five of my grandma’s six children live within walking distanc

It's Okay; I'm a Limo Driver

When I was younger I was in a church play. My name was Maxine and I drove the limo for the Good Samaritan. As I drove the cardboard limo around looking like Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber, the Samaritan yells out “Maxine, stop the limo! We have to help this man!!!” I grunt along (I didn’t have any speaking lines but my grunting responses were on point), I picked up the man with my strong child muscles and “threw” him in the back of my “limo” and drove him to the Inn. End scene and my acting career. I think back on this play, not only as an embarrassing performance but also in reference to the story of what it means to be a good neighbor. Recently I was thinking about the play/the act

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