Once Upon a Time in 1983...

This week’s blog post comes from Major Rob Birks, who is a Salvation Army officer here in the Golden State Division. Rob is the author of two books reflecting on prose, song, and prayer. “Someone Cared-Prose and prayers inspired by the poetry of John Gowans” (Frontier Press, 2014), and “ORSBORNAGAIN-A New Look at Old Songs of New Life” (Frontier Press, 2013). In 1983, when I was just a lad of 16, I had a summer job at The Salvation Army’s Camp Redwood Glen in Scotts Valley, California. I had a great summer washing dishes, making lifelong friends, “acting out” at nightly campfires and trying out my burgeoning Bill Murray impression. Pranks were a part of camp culture in those days,

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