I'm Still Learning.

One morning during this past summer I woke up and started getting ready for the morning program meeting and had a sneaking suspicion that I needed to be available that day, I wasn’t sure for what but I knew that it was going to be an emotionally heavy day within the first 10 minutes of waking. At the morning meeting I saw exactly what I needed to be available for, and my heart was already so full I didn’t see how I could add anything else to it. So like an adorably disobedient child, I decided that I would be consumed with other things, to get pulled in other directions and decided that, yeah I’ll “pray” for that situation instead, that’s about the same. The day went on and I kept on allowin

A Note About Fog.

This morning, like many on the Central Coast, is filled with fog from the marine layer; condensed moisture that ascends the slope of the Santa Cruz Mountains like a slow tide, filling the canyons and ravines before overtaking the ridge-tops in slow motion. Mornings like this here at camp might just be my favorite of any place I've been (quite a claim—I know), the air fresh and damp, the forest which rises around our small valley veiled, misty and mysterious. The ground, usually dry and dusty is pleasantly tamped down with the weight of moisture, a soft watering for tired grass. Not everyone enjoys the fog to the point of poetic adoration, and understandably why: it can be a bit depressing

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